Thursday, September 6, 2007

Epica Tourreport #1

Monday September 30 2007

Arrived Schiphol 09:15. After a lot of work to get the backline on the plane and waiting we managed to get to the plane with just 30 minutes boarding remaining. Nobody payed any attention to my 15 kg FOH rockbag that I took as hand luggage.

The flight was really uneventful, nice crew, great entertainment system, free drinks, I hate flying but it wasn’t really all that bad.

After landing all went really smooth as well. At Dulles they have these funny shuttle busses that take you from the gate to the main building:

We got all our stuff back at the caroussel and got out without any problems.

Then we had to wait a while for our tourbus to arrive.
Here it is:

We got all our stuff onboard and headed out to go to visit Marie D.C. She made some really nice dinner for us, and we sat on her porch and had some good beers and made fun of her cat Oscar.

The plan was to get our merchandise at Marie’s but something went wrong and it wasn’t there. So we decided after the dinner to drive to Philadelphia to pickup the backline.

Tuesday September 4, 2007

During driving Shane the busdriver told us his battery charger broke down. So we stopped at a shop to get the bus fixed.

It turned out the generator had died and we ended up waiting at the repair shop the whole day to get it fixed.

Jeroen arranged for a rental van to pickup the backline, since the bus couldn’t move. Me, Jeroen and Andy went to pick it up.

... more to follow


Anonymous said...

Great to read your Blog JW. Keep 'm comin' and have a great Tour!


Antoon en Dionza

stekel said...

Great update.
Give us more!